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Bookleads - Springfield Township High School Library

Combined Search Posters - Springfield Township High School Library

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Resources About Glogster

Glogster Tutorial by Tracy Blazosky - Includes a general video and one specifically to address adding voicethread, animotos, blabberize and more on Windows platform machines.

Glogster in 90 Seconds - Very quick video of creating a glog about Romeo and Juliet. Has music background and subtitles.

Glogster Guide by Tracy Blazosky - A simple guide for teachers

Glogster at Web 2.0 Teaching Tools - Information including tips when working with students

Glogster Now Presents - Blog post at NeverEnding Search by Joyce Valenza about new presentation and portfolio possibilities with Glogster Premium.

Glog On - Slideshow with steps of how to create a glog

Glogs: Virtual Online Posters - Post by Tony Vincent with many useful links about using Glogster