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SLIC - School Libraries In Canada Online

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CM Magazine - Canadian book reviews, media reviews, news, and author profiles of interest to teachers, librarians, parents and kids.

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Teacher-Librarians: Supporting Student Learning

SLIP - School Library Information Portal

National School Library Day

Battle of the Books

SSLA Fall 2010 Workshop Wiki - Inquiry: The Heart of the Learning Commons

TM Canada - Papers of Treasure Mountain Research Retreat 2010

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Library Templates and Information Documents - see the document list below

audio_cine Licence.doc43.5 KB
Govt_or_Agency_rights.doc35.5 KB
HZ_Holdgs_CallNo.xls13.5 KB
HZ_Holdgs_Subject.xls13.5 KB
HZ_items_out.xls13.5 KB
Instructions_for_booking_mediascheduling.doc63.5 KB
Inventory_Exceptions_Template.xls13.5 KB
Library supplies Stores codes.xls20.5 KB
Missing_Inventory_Template.xls13.5 KB
no_performance_rights.doc42.5 KB
OTHER ID numbers.xls17.5 KB
PREVIEW FORM_electronic_template.doc29 KB
public_performance_rights_purchased.doc46 KB
request form.doc161.5 KB
RS_All_Out_Template.xls20 KB
RS_AllOut_by_Itype_Template.xls13.5 KB
RS_Claim_Retd_Template.xls13.5 KB
RS_Fast_Adds_Template.xls13.5 KB
RS_Last_CKO_Template.xls13.5 KB
RS_Last_CKO_Template.xls13.5 KB
RS_Lost_Claim_Rtd_Template.xls13.5 KB
RS_Lost_Items_Template.xls13.5 KB
RS_Missing_Items_Template.xls21 KB
RS_Number_CKOs_Template.xls13.5 KB
RS_OverDue_Template.xls13.5 KB
spine labels 1 pg.doc29 KB
TEXT_Avery 08167.doc53 KB
visual_education_centre_licence.doc43 KB
Dust Jacket Covering.pdf2.85 MB
SpineLabels2011.doc29.5 KB
New DVDs_Media_Summer2012.xls122.5 KB